5 best phones with manual camera mode

Era of phone photography

These days in the mobile industry camera is one of the keystone feature for any buyer. The phones with a nice camera are in great demand. Mobile manufacturers try to give the best package in their cameras including the manual mode to the consumers according to their segment.

Manual mode – DSLR in your pocket

  • One of the most talked about feature these days is the manual mode or the professional mode feature in the latest camera oriented phones.
  • Manual mode has all the features that one looks for in a DSLR.
  • As the flagship phones come at a price close to DSLR itself so providing a taste of DSLR in the phone is a good idea.
  • It has all features like – ISO , Shutter Speed, Aperture, White balance and metering mode in some.

So now let us look at some of the phones that deliver this feature and are in news for manual mode.

Vivo v5plus

vivo camera phone
vivo v5plus

Vivo in its new phone came with a nice camera for the photography enthusiasts. The camera is the USP of the phone as it comes with a dual front camera and a rear camera with the following features-

Front camera-

  • The sensor size is 1/2.78
  • 5p lens system
  • Dual front camera with 20+8 megapixels (20 is primary and 8 is the secondary).

Rear Camera-

  • Phone has a 16mp rear camera.
  • The aperture size is f2.0

After knowing the camera specifications let us talk about the most interesting feature, The manual mode.

Manual mode-

  • Shutter speed can be adjusted between 1/12000 sec to 32 sec. That’s the best thing vivo provides in the phone.
  • ISO value ranges from 50 to 3200.
  • Metering mode adjust the aperture well.


With a stunning high shutter speed of 1/12000 and to as low of 32 sec, the manual mode works really well. In capturing the motion vivo has an upper hand from the rest of the phones with manual mode. The sensor size helps it to capture the images with more details and are less grainy. Exposure compensation or the metering feature helps in adjusting the exposure based on the shutter speed and ISO.



Oppo f3 plus-

oppo camera phone
oppo f3

Oppo also saw its market as of selfieholics. Just like its brother Vivo, Oppo also came up with dual cameras for selfie and a lone rear camera. With a better lens quality overall camera details are better in f3 plus than the V5plus.

The features include-

  • Sony IMX398 sensor.
  • Sensor size of 1/2.8.
  • Aperture size a bit wider f1.7 for the rear camera.
  • Front camera is of dual lens with 16+8 megapixels.
  • Front camera with 120° wide angle camera for group selfies.
  • Beautify 4.0


 Manual mode performance

  • If we talk about manual mode in oppo variants the story is not so good here.
  • It seems that the company is most inclined towards the selfie lovers.
  • Modes like paranoma, time lapse and video are also available in front camera.
  • The expert mode offers all the settings a manual mode demands.
  • A good sensor like of 1/2.8 in the auto mode the camera is more suitable to low light as compared to the manual mode.
  • Daylight manual photography is brilliant in this device but in low light the auto mode adjusts better.

Samsung galaxy s8/s8+

samsung s8 phone
Samsung s8+

In the race of perfect selfies and trendy manual modes Samsung read market brilliantly and came up with the galaxy s7 edge. With its infinite display as the USP the phone also had main focus on the camera quality. It also goes with the single front lens model for selfies and a strong rear camera for beautiful photos.



  • Front camera with 8megapixels and a great f1.7 aperture.
  • Rear camera has 12 megapixels and 1.7 aperture with dual pixel face detection.
  • Multiple shots can be combined into a single pic that’s innovative.
  • Multiple shooting modes including paranoma, pro, HDR, manual focus
  • Inbuilt face filters and stickers for camera.

Manual mode performance

  • This phone has one of the best controls over the exposure In manual mode.
  • Shutter speed ranges from 10sec to 1/24000 of a sec and that awesome.!
  • ISO ranges from 50 to 1250. Giving the perfect light required.
  • White balance and exposure compensation is also pretty impressive.
  • Metering mode do justice to the pro mode and all over the phone is having one of the best manual modes.

One Plus 3t

OnePlus 3T phone
One Plus3T

After the success of one plus 3, the company came up with an upgraded version of the mobile as one plus 3t. The upgrade gave a huge boost to the company’s reputation as one of the best camera phones. The latest edition to one plus was its one plus 5 but the camera quality despite the dual lens was not better than one plus 3 by the following reasons-

  • lack of digital image stabilization
  • Digital zoom
  • Auto flash
  • Touch to focus
  • Face detection

For photography, this phone in its range is the best option till date


  • Front Camera comes with 16 megapixels.
  • Optical image stabilization almost eliminates the blur and grainy part.
  • f/2.0 for both the front and back cameras.
  • The secondary camera also comes up with 16 megapixels.
  • Touch focus, Face detection, HDR.

Manual mode

  • Under the 30k range One plus 3t provides a great blend in the manual mode.
  • The ISO range is within 100-3200.
  • Shutter Speed varies from 30 sec to 1/8000 sec, which provides a pure artistic experience.
  • White balance comes with all the 4 options.
  • Manual focus has both front and back infinity focus.



The manual mode works really great in the daylight. ISO and focus when worked out simultaneously gives you clear detailed images as one think of. Low light photography overcomes by setting the ISO high and the results are even better. But in case of shutter speed, in daylight low shutter speed works good to provide a static motion but when it comes to high shutter speed it daylight the camera is not able to adjust the light accordingly even with a low ISO. But in low light the shutter speed works well in both high and low range.


LG manual

With the LG g6 LG shifted its flagship concept and priced it in the 35k range with some upgrades from its earlier models. It comes with two rear cameras and with different apertures but same megapixels that’s something interesting so let’s have a look into Lg g6.


  • Phone comes with a front and two rear cameras.
  • The rear cameras are both of 13 megapixels sensors.
  • The aperture of rear cameras- f/1.8 which is a normal lens and f/2.4 which makes it a wide-angle lens.
  • The front camera is of 5 megapixels with a 100degree lens.

Manual mode performance

  • ISO is ranged about 50-800 which work good in both lowlight and daylight.
  • Shutter Speed works well and is kept between 30sec-1/8000sec. Daylight issue of shutter speed also persists in this device as seen in the one plus 3t.
  • White balance gives LG an edge and is in the range of 3600k-4600k
  • Manual focus also has a touch to focus that allows the user to focus to his will.

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