Bhuli Bhatiyari – A Photo tour

Jhandewalan, near Karol Bagh here in the Capital Delhi, famous for a Big Lord Hanuman statue has got new visitors. Behind the Enormous statue of Lord Hanuman, long serpent street leads you to a 14th century Royal hunting lodge. Popularly known as Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal it is dated back to Tughlaq Dynasty.This lodge was created by Feroz Shah Tughlaq in the 14th century. It got its name by Bhu-Ali-Bhatti who was a Female caretaker of the lodge.

As a part of the central ridge, it is surrounded by a tiny forest and haunting stories! Many stories of the place being haunted can be heard by the locals. It is said that any guard deployed here at night falls sick within few days of his duty. Many times at night no guard is seen around this site.

Entrance – Bhuli Bhatiyari

Bhuli bhatiyari entrance
Bhuli bhatiyari entrance

This place is surrounded by lush green trees. The first thing you see while entering the lodge is this gate which itself gives you haunting feel. as the preservation work started of late only the front part of the main entrance is visible of this structure. On the gate, one can see written not to enter the lodge after 5 pm.

The booth for the guard is on the left of the gate with broken glasses giving you a feeling of something negative.

Twin gates

Twin gates bhuli bhatiyari
Bhuli Bhatiyari twin gates, Gate 1

The entry is through twin gates which is to a surprise. As the site was not considered of much importance other than merely a hunting lodge but the architecture and construction speaks a different story. Of late preservation work were started to restore the site.

Gate 2 bhuli bhatiyari
Bhuli Bhatiyari twin gates, Gate 2

With these two gates onecan guess a possible domb like structure once present there and was not able to withstand the race against time.

Circular walled enclosure

Bhuli bhatiyari walled enclosure
Walled enclosure, Bhuli Bhatiyari

The Mahal is surrounded by a massive wall which was then to be used as a rampart for the lodge but, now it is surrounded by ridge allowing a very little view for the visitors. Many monkeys and variety of birds can be spotted near this area. The inner part of the wall is complete covers with trees only from the outside one can manage to have a look.

Lost River and Shed

Bhuli Bhatiyari Lost River
River In Bhuli Bhatiyari

When you walk a little far in the ridge you will find traces of a possible river along with a proper shed which would have been used back then for rest near a river.

Embankment like structure in seen in a low height through a proper stretch alongside with the shed.

Bhuli bhatiyari shed along with river
Shed along river

Above shed gave us an amaze when we saw it covered in greenery and to its left were some evidence of a lost river and lost charm of this place.

The Ridge


Bhuli bhatiyari ridge
Ridge Bhuli bhatiyari

You will feel really close to the Mother nature around this place. All the bustle of insects and birds are pleasing to ears in the morning and there are tiny walk paths created to go deep in the woods.


Way to Bhuli Bhatiyari
Road to Bhuli Bhatiyari

It is located, Near Karol Bagh, behind the Jhandealan Metro station in our heritage hub here in Delhi. A long street covered with joining trees and sounds of birds chirping makes your way towards Bhuli Bhatiyari.


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