Best place for plane spotting- Jumbo point Delhi

Delhi is full of surprises and one of them waits for you here in Dwarka.  Jumbo point is a slang given to a landmark where you can see an aeroplane taking off or landing from a really close view.  As the old jumbo point near the NH-8 lost its value and charm due to protective measures by Police, now Delhi has got a new one. People and their experience suggest this one is better than the older one too.

Where train meets plane spotting

One thing that makes this spot different from others is the combination of trains and planes. As you reach the point the first thing you see is a railway crossing on one end and that gives you a wide view of the railway track. The noise of a Train approaching can be heard every 5-8mins, that gives you time to prepare for a nice click. 😉

STOP-Jumbo point
Entrance to Jumbo point Delhi


A nice stretch of the railway track can be seen starting from Palam railway station. A close view of the train is enjoyable as the crossing is not too far behind.

Jumbo point railway track
Railway track – Jumbo point Delhi


On the other side of the railway track we can see a part of runway and the zoom of planes is heard every 2-3 mins. Some of those planes are really low and people enjoy the noise they create.

Jumbo point runway
Jumbo point runway view


When you have both the train and plane in a go that is a great feel one has. The sounds of both the giants gets mixed and it creates a totaly different sound. It is a perfect place for aircraft and photography enthusiasts.

runway IGI jumbo point
Jumbo point Delhi -IGI airport backside


trains at jumbo point delhi
Trains pass by jumbo point delhi

Photo scenic- Posers and Shooters

Place with beauty like this attracts both the pose makers and photo shooters. The sides of track are in a green cover and the long view gives the photographers delight. The place is mostly known to nearby college crowds and can be seen giving different poses not only to the tracks or planes but the natural beauty also don’t let you down.

Jumbo point delhi - photography
Photo posers – Jumbo point delhi


Jumbo point Delhi- photography
Photography- Jumbo point


It is located in South-west Delhi’s Bagdola village which is adjacent to Dwarka. Streets leading to this location is not much wide so avoiding car is a good idea bike/scooty rides are preferable. Nearest Metro station is Dwarka sector 8 and from there a narrow street will lead you to the spot. Auto is recommended with navigating through the google maps they have this place named as jumbo point Delhi.


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